Raúl Castillo Studio

Product Design

Designing products where details, user experience and stories behind the product make the difference.


Hi! I am Raúl Castillo

After years of madness nomad life from one country to another following my dream of growing as a designer, I decided to start my own studio. I offer to companies my passion for design and my experience to design and develop new products.

My madness background

I jumped from Polytechnico de Valencia to Polytechnico di Milano, from Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam) to Teemo and Deepgreen (UK) to design, develop and collaborate in projects for brands as John Lewis, Zuiver, Louis Vuitton or Magis.


Some of the clients I have worked for as a freelance or during my stage in Marcel Wanders and Teemo-Deepgreen:


I remember when I saw my first phone: I paid attention to the buttons, the textures, the details.... and I realised that what I wanted to do in my life is to give shape to the surrounding objects, to be a Product Designer.



“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”

-Sun Tzu, The art of the war

Design requires the use of methodology. Every project is a different world and the technicality of the product can impact how long or short the project will be. Below is a starting approach that I apply each time:

  • 0. Brief

    Initial contact with the Client. We create a collaborative brief where we define the general project approach, defining needs and requirements of the project.
  • 1.Research and

    Explore and look for competitors, trends, colors, design details, and products that can help to understand the market and the surrounding environment, discovering opportunities that help to define the new product.
  • 2.Concept Design

    Explore directions taking as a reference the brief and the opportunities discovered during previous steps. I explore the possibilities through sketching, modeling, mock ups and rendering.
  • 3. Design Development

    Refine of the concept design and development of the technical solutions
  • 4. Product Refinement

    Checking and testing of the prototypes, evaluating the solutions adopted and refining any aspects if necessary.
  • 5. Final Documentation

    Elaboration of final technical documents like technical drawings or assembly guides.
  • 6. Production and commercialization

    Final renderings and graphic design work related to the product.



Trust, Honest and clear communication to create long lasting relationships.


Daniel Belchi
Ignittion co-founder

We had an excellent experience and we continue collaborating in new products. I have to highlight the honestly and the communication through the design process, The fluid conversations and the clear picture we are having in each stage of the projects.


Sara Lopez
Bucolica Studio

Motivation is a constant in Raul´s work. He is a perseverant professional with an eye in every detail. He is really thoughtful and close knit partner. I had no doubts about collaborate with him. I love the designs of our project in development from the first time I saw them.


Start a project together?

Call me or send me an e-mail to book a meeting where we can know each other better.

  • raul.castillo.cabrera.id@gmail.com
  • +34627153981
  • 26 Ubeda street
  • La Aljorra, Cartagena
  • Spain